Feng Shui exterior placements for your Luxury Villa in Sarjapur

'Poison Arrows': These produce turbulent Shar chi (see below), invisibly touching folks domicile in the Villa and are unaware of such issues, their health and happiness will suffer.  

Qi: Pronounced 'chee' is life-energy current each among and around U.S.A. Ancient Chinese medication (TCM) says balanced Qi-flow into and out of the body (and home) is important permanent health.

Shar chi: Stale turbulent unhealthy Qi. As an example that the body must eliminate.

Sheng chi: sensible healthy contemporary Qi. As an example that that the body (and home) must assimilate.

Recommendations for Home Exteriors

Home Exterior Doors

1. Front and back doors should not be directly opposite one another as useful Sheng chi can escape the house and be lost.

2. The perfect exterior door contains one single panel and opens inwards, permitting Sheng chi to enter (two equal-sized panels square is next best).

3. Avoid doors leading directly onto busy streets.

4. Mechanical metal doorbells will have constant invigorating impact on your hall as decoration (but check that you prefer the former's ringing-tone before putting in these).


Immediately Outside the house

'Poison Arrows'

Triangular arrow-like protrusions, particularly, in front at buildings will have an effect on inhabitants adversely via the Qi-turbulence they manufacture. Counter-measures, like planting a high-hedge or construction a fence, screening and protective people from undesirable effects are essential otherwise.

.Avoid spots facing 'T' junctions or locations on the surface of sharp bends to stop unwanted incursions of traffic.

 Street-lights outside sleeping room windows will result in sleepless nights.
 Do not let creepers like vines grow over your roof and canopy.

 It's best to not live not far away to a burial ground or hospitals. Abodes of the living and dead ought to be separated.


Feng Shui, the 'Art of Location and Placement' embodies key principles concerning the positioning of dwellings and their internal layout whose sensible employment helps to harmonise internal and external Qi-flows enhancing the health, fortune and circumstances of inhabitants consequently. a scientific study of rule and implementation of recommendations, even at a basic level produces favourable results.

Feng Shui adviser Peter Allsop M.Ed. additionally publishes 'Red Dragon Martial Arts Ezine'. Longevity coaching, Iron Shirt, five components Qigong, Daoism, Chinese philosophy and star divination feature among his interests aboard Gem and Crystal rule.

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