Beware Of The Lies, Real Estate Agents' Tell You!

When you start looking for your home, generally you would begin with searching for a real estate agent. Although you may trust your agent, most of the times your agent may not be disclosing some actual facts of the property. Every buyer would expect his agent to be sincere and honest, but you have to remember that your agent would not recieve his commissions unless you make a purchase. This may push the agent to not be comppletely truthfull. Let us look at some common lies your real estate agent may come up with!

When you look for your home and approach your agent for details of the house, Expect him to be calm and convince you that the house is worth a buy. He may not disclose the crime rate, water problems, electricity problems and such important information which may change your decision of buying the property.

Some agents may say that "better buy before someone else does" or "there is not much time" to create a sense of urgency though you have ample time to consider the decision.

Never sign on contracts before the agent shows you every tiny aspect of the property. Some agents may ask you to sign some contracts or forms before even showing any property. Dont even think of such an idea.

Well, looking at these aspects, it is always better to approach your realtor directly, giving less chance to be decived and also saves money from you agents.

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