Vaastu Recommendation For Villas

The importance of vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Vastu shastra is grounded on several energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. These energies can be composed to enhance peace, prosperity and success. If a Villa is made according to these principles, the inmates enjoy all the pleasure in life. If it is in contradiction of vastu principals, it will be a place for all sort of difficulties, worries and no peace

Vastu for Kitchen
The kitchen perfectly, should be towards South-East, the direction of God of Fire. Otherwise, it can be placed in the North West. Cook should face the East or North. All items relating to fire or heat should be installed in the South-East corner. The Main-switch, generators etc. should be located in the South-East corner of the villa.

Vastu for Treasury & Durable Room
Wealth and money should be stored in the North. The individual should face towards north when storing or retreiving money.

Vastu for Puja Room
The Puja Room should be placed in the North East route. Alternatively, it can located in the North or East way. While adoring, One should not sleep in the Puja Room. This direction is ideal for Water storage. Thus concealed water tanks, filter etc. should be kept in this course.

Vastu for Jewellery, Heavy Gear
Jewellery should be kept facing the South. It results increase in wealth. All heavy machineries, equipments etc. should be kept in this part of the Villa. Old goods can also be stored in this direction.

Vastu for Study or Kids Room
Children's room can be located in this corner i.e. the North West. The study room can also be located in this direction. Water Tank on the Roof of the villa should located in this course.

Vastu for Bathroom
The bathroom should ideally be located in the East. Alternatively, it can be located in the North-West. But the bathroom should never be located in the North East. Wash basin etc. should be attached on the Eastern wall of the bathroom. Jet should be fitted in the South-East corner.

Vastu for Bedroom
The main bedroom should be positioned in the South. If the bedroom is located in the North, there would be unrest in the family. The bed should be placed in such a way that while sleeping, the head is towards the South. Instead, head can face towards the West. One should never sleep with legs towards the South. The inmates should not take meals in the bedroom otherwise they will suffer bad health, particularly while they sit on the bed while eating. Divine idols should not be kept in the bedroom.

Vastu for Dining Hall
Dining Room should be towards the West as it is ruled by Saturn and it is in the way of Bhooteshwara the representation of the hungry. If trees are to be planted in the villas, they can be planted in this direction i.e. the West.

Vastu for Doors & Windows 
Doors and windows are essential equipping articles of the villas and make living a satisfying knowledge. Doors and windows not only act as a passage through which air enters the villa, but also as a doorway for energies.

Vastu for Interiors
Cheerful colours should not be used in the villa. Cold and light colours should be used for painting the villa. Paintings or photos showing war, unhappy faces, birds like owl, crow, pegion, erotic pictures etc. should not be used for enhancement in the villas in bangalore.


  1. although today buildings are constructed vaastu friendly, But there are still something lacking to make a building completely vaastu friendly.
    Vaastu tips

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